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UFOs drive system

UFO Spatial manipulation System


At last the officials in the Pentagon admit that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) more recently known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (U.A.P) actually exist. There is ‘something else’ both in our skies and underwater and they’ve even released video of such craft. But how do these craft operate?


Canary Islands UFO


On June 26th 1976 a UFO was spotted over the Canary Islands. One witness commented that the UFO appeared to enlarge becoming transparent. Two human-like figures could be seen inside close to a vertical pipe that emitted a gas from the craft's upper section before the UFO then shot off and disappeared, image 1. Also see Australian UFO, image 4.


Bob Lazar UFO


In 1989 Bob Lazar was interviewed by respected Las Vegas investigative reporter George Knapp. Lazar said he was employed to help ‘back engineer’ a crashed UFO. The UFO was powered by a stable isotope of element 115 which at the time did not appear on our periodic table, image 2.


Element 115 is bombarded by protons pushing it further up the periodic table making it unstable and causing it to decay. During this process both antimatter and a gravity wave is produced.The combination of antimatter and a gas produces pure energy that is used to power the craft. The gravity wave is then channelled through a tube similar to microwaves in order to displace the craft through space.


Lazar said that when he placed his hand close to the reactor he could feel a repulsive force similar to the repulsion felt when same pole magnets are pushed together. On one occasion a golf ball was thrown at the wall of the reactor causing the ball to be deflected damaging a ceiling tile. 


The ‘gravity wave’ produced from the reaction is utilised to both overcome earth's gravitational field and create an intense gravitational field in front of the craft. In order to move forward the craft tips on its side focusing its gravity amplifiers in the direction of travel. Lazar has since commented that UFOs are more visible at night as glowing orbs due to the ionisation of the air caused by a craft's energy field.


December 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident England


In December 1980 security guard Jim Penniston USAF, now retired, saw what he thought was a downed aircraft in the woods in Rendlesham forest. On approaching the craft he didn't think he was going to survive because when walking to the craft his movement was laboured, as if he was walking through a pool of water. He said he was struggling to get close to it but at about ten feet from the craft all that dissipated. He said there was like a sphere of influence around the craft, image 3.  

Australian UFO


On April 6th 1966 pupils and staff reported the landing of a UFO outside Westhall high School in Clayton South Victoria Australia. One photo taken shows the craft tipping on its side before disappearing, image 4.


United States East Coast Gimbal UFO

During 2014 -15 a Gimbal UFO was recorded by pilots of the USS Theodore Roosevelt strike group. The UFO was seen flying against the wind before stopping and pointing its underside in the opposite direction and flying off in that direction, image 5.




Between 1978 and 2012 UFOs were spotted by the author over Scarborough UK. 


December 1978 a single red pulsating light could be seen hovering below the crest of a hill below Staxton radar station Scarborough before moving away at low speed.


In May 1979 one white and one red pulsating UFO could be seen close to Scarborough’s listening station on Racecourse road. The white UFO rose vertically in a stepped manner until level with the red UFO. Flashes of yellow light lit up the sky before the white UFO moved silently over the observer's location. The underside of this UFO appeared triangular in shape. Each point of the triangle contained a different coloured light in the colours of red, white and blue. Each light was covered with a grill of some sort and appeared to contain a form of ‘hot’ energy.


The second UFO now located below the brow of the hill close to the listening station appeared to ‘tumble’ south toward the observer. The observer left the area in a hurry but on watching from a different location both UFOs were seen to be hovering above his previous location, made visible by their pulsating red lights. After a time both lights were extinguished before reappearing above an underground reservoir close to the listening station.


North of Scarborough in May 2007 at about 10 am a metallic craft emerged from a cloud before disappearing again.


In 2012 several triangular UFOs were seen making several right hand turns over an area to the North of Scarborough. Judging by their size it is unlikely that these craft were small civilian drones because the distance from the observer to the craft was approximately three miles, image 6.


The internal structure of both the Canary UFO and Bob Lazar's UFO appear similar. Lazar's story could be completely independent or a plagiarised account of the Canary and Australian report. But in 1989 the world wide web did not exist therefore it would have been more difficult for Lazar to be aware of each encounter. 


Lazar basically said that the UFO he worked on contained three gravity amplifiers / projectors that had the ability to create an intense gravitational field in front of the craft allowing the craft to run down a gravitational hill. Lazar's UFO was able to hover above earth’s surface by reversing the phase of the gravity wave causing it to work against earth’s gravity. Lazar notes that differences in earth’s mass, such as hills, valleys and minerals create uneven areas of localised gravity which accounts for a UFO’s sometimes erratic movement, also observed during the Scarborough encounter.


UFO Drive Analysis


Seems strange that a gravity wave can be both attractive and repulsive. In addition it is difficult to understand how a small amount of antimatter and matter in the form of gas can create such an intense gravitational field in front of the craft. 


I propose that UFOs have the ability to displace their mass to a different place by momentarily blocking their interaction with the nothingness we call ‘Space.’


Current scientific thinking assumes the universe is expanding, space itself is expanding. However instead of an expansion I propose that the universe or space is contracting. A contracting universe is almost impossible to detect because as distance shortens measures shorten therefore nothing appears to change. A contracting universe does not require ‘Dark energy’ and may explain why the farthest galaxies appear to be receding faster than those closest to our galaxy.


When space contracts mass contracts, which is different to compressing a great deal of matter into a black hole. During spatial contraction excess mass converts to a form of energy that neutralises ‘space’ creating the partial vacuum we refer to as gravity. 


Further reading of a contracting universe can be found on this site.


I propose that when a UFO ‘powers up’ the field around the UFO blocks the interaction between the contracting mass of the craft and the contraction of external ‘space.’ External observers who are still contracting will notice that the UFO appears to grow larger. Occupants inside the craft will be aware that everything outside of the craft appears to be contracting and that time is speeding up. 


Earth's gravity will no longer have any effect on the craft because the repulsive force emitted by the reactor will fill the partial spatial vacuum surrounding the craft. In addition, because only the space around the craft changes, the craft's occupants no longer experience any momentum during their displacement through air, water and space. 


Lazar's gravity projectors might perform the function of ‘puncturing' a ‘hole’ in the repulsive field surrounding the craft. Once that section of the craft is in contact with ‘normal space’ it will ‘feel’ the force of gravity again by contracting and causing the craft to be displaced in the direction of the hole. This phenomenon may be visible during the 2014 -15  Gimbal UFO recording, (image 5).


Lazar was aware that the UFO he reportedly worked on contained the reactor and gravity projectors located within the central and base section of the craft. Lazar said he didn't enter the upper section therefore was not certain of its contents but thought it might contain navigation sensors. I would suggest that at least one projector is located in the upper section to allow the craft to rise up above the ground, while the three main projectors located in the lower sections are used for ‘other’ axis flight. 


Image 7. This alleged photo of a transparent UFO appears to show darker units in both the upper and lower areas of the craft which may indeed be a UFOs gravity amplifier / projectors, the key to the craft's flight system. 

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