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Parallel Lines
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Gravity is little understood and considered the weak force, too weak to bind atoms together. 


Several attempts by science have failed to produce a ‘Final theory’ that can describe a single force capable of unifying gravity with the quantum forces that hold both planets and electrons in their orbits. Indeed many attempts to unify gravity have created additional anomalies.  


Teslawaves contraction hypothesis suggests that an expanding universe is an illusion caused by universal contraction. This process causes space and mass to contract through time allowing light from a distant galaxy to appear stretched or red shifted. 


During contraction mass is not crushed into a soup of particles such as a neutron star but released as Mass energy which interacts with Spatial energy, the nothingness referred to as ‘space’, to create gravity. A contracting universe may explain why the universe ‘appears’, due to ‘redshift’ to be expanding which is an illusion created by contraction.  


The theory also proposes that the surface gravity of an atomic nucleus may be as strong as the gravity of a star but because the radius of a nucleus is extremely short, the ‘range’ of the force is extremely short, weakening to the value of ‘G’ at the atomic perimeter. In addition the theory states that the universe is multidimensional utilising gravity to manipulate the various levels of time, distance and space. And if gravity can be understood, science could use this mysterious force to manipulate a craft that could no doubt outperform all of the present day propulsion based aircraft.


The Pdf document above ‘presumes’ that universal contraction is a reality but in the very least attempts to provide an alternative view of our universe. 

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