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UFO's over Scarborough

U.F.O's over Scarborough U.K.


The manipulation of gravity has consistently eluded us. Spacecraft continue to 
use a dangerous propulsion system based on ancient Chinese rockets.


If funding currently allocated for space research was diverted into the control of gravity the whole space project could take one giant leap forward, spacecraft 
could travel to the planets in minutes rather than years. Shortening travel time 
could make many of the current spacecraft support systems redundant and pilots might complete their mission and be home for tea.

Unfortunately science is currently stuck in a cul-de-sac. Scientists are unable to speak the unthinkable in fear of been ridiculed by their peers. A mention of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) and one is exiled to the external void. 

Although many UFO sightings can probably be explained away as natural phenomena, there are no doubt genuine sightings of craft that appear to use a 
technology far beyond our understanding. Indeed a scientist called Bob Lazar 
has reportedly worked on acquired UFO propulsion systems.


Sounds fantastic however Bob’s description of these propulsion systems has much in common with a UFO sighting over Scarborough North Yorkshire during the late 1970 s.

Bob describes how UFO’s can be controlled by pointing one or more of three gravity tubes or gravity amplifiers in the direction of travel. When levitating at least one tube is used to suspend the craft in the air.


These tubes also appear 
to have the ability to create a spatial depression in front of the craft allowing the craft to fall forward in the direction of travel and presumably these craft 
can slow down by pointing a tube in the opposite direction. Indeed a purported 2017 Pentagon video appears to show a UFO’s underside tilted in the 
direction of travel before levelling out and then pointing in the opposite direction, possibly to slow down;

The following documentation describes a significant UFO sighting over the town of Scarborough U.K.

On Tuesday 1st May 1979 at 2pm UK time BBC radio 2 reported that UFO’s 
had been seen landing in the Philippines and authorities had gone to investigate. 

On Tuesday 1st May 1979 at approximately 10.15pm two unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) were observed over Scarborough UK. The underside of one UFO appeared triangular in shape. Both UFO’s moved silently through the night sky emitting a red pulsating light much more powerful than the lights ofterrestrial aircraft, the second craft was only made visible by its red pulsating 
light. Both craft possessed the ability to manoeuvre in any direction. 

UFO's seen over Scarborough
UFO news Scarborough
UFO sightings

In the late 1980s Florida born Bob Lazar publicly announced that he had been working at a secret base called S4 situated to the south of the now famous area 51. Lazar said he and a small team of scientists were working on a back engineering project of acquired U.F.O’s which involved figuring out how these U.F.O’s operated. More on Bob Lazar at: &


Bob Lazar’s story which was investigated and released to the public by the respected journalist George Knapp has remained consistent throughout the years however despite claiming he has two master’s degrees; one in physics and one in electronics this claim has never been evidenced. This fact alone has given the doubters license to debunk Lazars story as fake. Not even George Knapp has found evidence of Lazars qualifications but George also named whistleblower Edward Snowdon, former subcontractor for the National security Agency, infamous for leaking U.S. government secrets as also void of a degree. But it appears that government agencies do in fact hire people without degrees if they think that person can get the job done. See George Knapp’s presentation at:


Lazar said that while waiting to attend a lecture by physicist Edward Teller, known as the father of the hydrogen bomb, he noticed Teller was reading a 1982 Los Alamos Monitor newspaper article about Lazar’s jet car which allowed them both to get into a discussion about this article. This conversation may have allowed Lazar to eventually gain employment at S4, although Lazar wasn’t certain if Teller had influenced his job prospects. In a later interview with a journalist Teller was asked if he knew Bob Lazar but Teller refused to comment which is strange because surely if Teller didn’t know Lazar he would have just denied the fact. In the 1980s Lazar claimed that U.F.O’s are powered by a very heavy element called element 115 that lives within an island of stability, meaning that it does not easily decay. But a few atoms of 115 were produced in the 1990’s but were found to decay within a few milliseconds.


Lazar defends his story claiming that there may be many isotopes of Element 115 one of which is stable. Indeed Lazar admits that investigators don’t have a clue how UFO’s really operate because there appears to be no switches, wires or connections between systems within the craft and yet it works.


Materials appear to have 8 strange properties and the technology that appears to manipulate gravity is far beyond ours. What do U.F.O sightings over Scarborough have in common with Lazar’s experience?


A. Lazar speaks about gravity amplifiers or projectors. Indeed Lazar’s drawings suggest these tubes contain inner sections that may have been visible from their underside seen in the Scarborough sighting.


B. The only visible section of the assumed triangular Scarborough U.F.O was the proposed projectors visible on the underside but viewed from the side the UFO pulsated a red colour. Lazar comments that because the gravity amplifiers bend light, viewed from underneath a UFO will appear almost invisible. This could explain the black triangles seen more recently around Scarborough.


C. Lazar says the energy emitted from a U.F.O ionises the air causing the craft to glow.


D. Lazar comments that craft are able to make high speed right angled turns because the crafts occupants are contained within their own gravitational field therefore they do not experience inertia. Hence Scarborough’s high velocity black triangles.


E. Lazar notes that craft can focus the gravity amplifiers to a point and move instantly to that point in space. Is that how the Scarborough UFO’s light just went out and the craft disappeared.


The Lazar story has been in circulation since the late1980’s but still remains one of the most interesting accounts of how these mysterious craft might operate. Indeed the underside view of the Scarborough UFO appears to confirm Lazars description of the gravity amplifier/projector claim. Credible evidence that UFO’s exist resurfaced in 2017 with;


The U.S. government programme known as the Advanced_Aerospace_Threat_Identification_Program or A.A.T.I.P that ran between 2007 and 2012 and released to the public in 2017 has identified unusual craft named Tick Tack that appear to make similar manoeuvres to those described in this article. It would appear that authorities are finally admitting to the fact that they have never been able to solve this issue and may need the public’s help, degree or no degree.

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