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 Quantum gravity & U.F.O's

This website is dedicated to the manipulation of gravity that has and probably will continue to baffle humanity for many years.

​Over the years many have witnessed Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s), currently termed Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (U.A.P.) which appear to have the ability to manipulate gravity. 

Governments have always denied the existence of UFO’s however a U.S. The Pentagon programme known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program or A.A.T.I.P  that operated between 2007 and 2012 has finally admitted the existence of UFO’s.  In 2017 the Pentagon released a video showing craft, one named a ‘Tick Tack’ making unusual manoeuvres. So it’s official, craft of unknown unknown origin appear to have the ability to manipulate gravity! 

This web site begins with a look at a genuine UFO sighting in 1979 over Scarborough U.K. and then considers what we think we already know about U.A.P. And finally a contracting universe, Light and Quantum gravity is considered. 

Articles can be accessed using the menu. To return from a link please use the phone or tablet back button.

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